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The Reusable Safe Straw


A single handed alternative to the penlight and tongue depressor. Bright white LED light, for superior viewing and lasts up to 1100 hours.


$25.99 USD

$12.00 each or $125.00 case (12)

Single or Case

This unique, reusable, straw limits bolus size to 5cc per sip.

Use with thin and nectar thick liquids. Not usable for carbonated beverages.



Single or Case


Laminated Anatomy Poster











A detailed fluoroscopic image with  labeled anatomical sights, as well as descriptions of the physiological function of each anatomical marker.


$10.00 USD


Laminated Esophageal Disorders Poster








Fluoroscopic images depicting various esophageal disorders.

Causes, symptoms and appearance of each deficit/disorder are given.



$10.00 USD






Laminated MBS Deficits and Treatments Poster



$10.00 USD



A wonderful tool for improving your understanding of what we see during MBS, the deficit, corresponding technique and therapy indicated; for the oral, pharyngeal and esophageal phases of the swallow.





The Provale Cup delivers a fixed amount (5cc or 10cc) of thin liquids. Encourages normal drinking motion with a patented "anti suck" design to help assure small sips. The cup handles are designed with a large surface area for easy patient grip and a broad round base, to reduce tip over. This design maintains patient/resident dignity and can be used in the clinical, homeor outdoor setting.

            Please specify 5 or 10 cc.


$35.00 USD

Provale Cup




The Breather

A hand-held device designed to strengthen the muscles of inspiration and expiration reduce the sensation of dyspnea, assist in teaching diapragmatic breathing with variable inspiratory/ expiratory resistances via two one way valves.

$39.99 USD