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Swallowing Diagnostics Inc. is a provider of  portable and office-based
diagnostic services performing Modified Barium Swallow studies, Ultrasound
studies and X-Ray in the South Florida area for 10 years. SDI was founded by
Debra Tarakofsky, an experienced board-certified speech pathologist with a
master's degree from Nova Southeastern University in speech and hearing
science. She brings expertise in working with the geriatric population for 14
years in the South Florida area.  Her training includes performing Modified
Barium Swallow Studies in both hospitals and with mobile units, as well as
independent coursework in dysphagia and modified barium swallowing
procedures with the leading researchers in the field.

Services are performed by a team of licensed, certified professionals. We use
state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for these procedures. Our
board certified physician's are working diligently with our licensed
technician's to provide expedient and accurate testing interpretation, results
and recommendations, which are then recorded with a copy left at your
facility or faxed to your office.

We eagerly await servicing your patients.